About us

The Law Journal for Social Justice (“LJSJ”) is the first student-run and student-created online journal at Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.   LJSJ edits, publishes, and produces notable works focusing on social justice issues through its online blog and journal from legal scholars, practitioners and law students.

Mission Statement

The LJSJ is a student-initiated and edited interdisciplinary journal that seeks to promote critical analysis and solution-driven dialogue on issues concerning the underrepresented and disenfranchised.

The LJSJ is acutely aware that with the privilege of membership in the legal profession comes the responsibility to rectify injustices. We recognize our duty to educate the community on a local and national scale about their legal rights and remedies so that real change is implemented.

At the core of its commitment, LJSJ strives to give voice to people who have been silenced for too long.

2014-2015 Law Journal for Social Justice Staff

Editor in Chief: Kristyne Schaaf-Olson

Executive Managing Editor: Marina Kovacevic

Executive Articles Editors: Alex Ivan & Asha Agrawal

Symposium Chair: Marcos Tapia

Symposium Co-Chair: Haley Schmidt

Notes and Comments Editor: Miguel Lozano

Blog Managing Editor: Carly Camplain

Managing Editors: Lauren Marshall, Josh Montavon, David Schmidt, Lauren Vie

Articles Editors: Lindsey Carpenter, Nathan Erickson, Kyle Ewing, Wayne Freeland, Nicole Fries, Todd Gee, Darick Holden, PJ Judd, Brittany Neel, Andrew Orozco, Zachary Reedy, John Yankovich, Michelle Young

Blog Editors: Nicole Fries, Andrew Orozco, Haley Schmidt

2013-2014 Law Journal for Social Justice Staff

Editor in Chief: Jeremiah Chin

Executive Managing Editor: Natali Segovia

Executive Articles Editor: Erin Iungerich

Symposium Editor: Anthony Green

Notes and Comments Editor: Timothy Brody

Blog Managing Editor: Melody Goodwin

Business and Marketing Manager: Kathryn Krejci

Managing Editors: Julianne Begay, Adrianna Griego, Connie Goudreau, Alex Ivan, Marina Kovacevic, Brittany Neel, Mac Woods

Articles Editors: Saman Golestan, Kalla Gottry, James Green, Leah Lyons, LaTekqua Memmezzwattay, Megan Rae

Associate Editors: Karen Dougherty, Ben Levandoski, Miguel Lozano, Erin Mahrt, Lauren Marshalll, Stephen Mostrom, David Schmidt, Kristy Shaaf-Olson, Marcos Tapia, Monica Thompson, Jenna Verity, Liban Yousuf

Blog Writers and Assoc. Editors: Christine Bolton, Brittany Burback, Carolyn Camplain, Emily Campo, Kylie El-Wailly, James Hammer, Krystal Kinsel, Julie Martin, Ben Rundall, Nick Wearne

2012-2013 Law Journal for Social Justice Staff

Editors in Chief: Michael Malin and Laura Clymer

Executive Managing Editor: Tara Williams

Executive Articles Editors: Jose Carrillo and Janette Corral

Symposium Editor: Kyle Riggs

Production Editor: Ben Helford

Notes and Comments Editor: Shifa Al-khatib

Blog Managing Editor: Mat Wadsworth

Community Outreach and Alumni Relations Director: Patty Lepkowski

Business and Marketing Manager: Stephanie Skogan

Managing Editors: Tim Brodie, Maureen Feeney, Connie Goudreau, James Hammer, and David Lake.

Articles Editors: Fernando Anzaldua, Nakisa Azizi, Jeremiah Chin, Seth Draper, and C.B. Misbach.

Associate Editors: Kylie El-Wailly, Robert Erickson, Ruth Faulkner, Daryl Gonzalez, Justin Hoffman, Erin Iungerich, Kathryn Krejci, Robert Lundberg, Benjamin Rundall, Natali Segovia, Lori Van Haren, Nick Wearne, Ashley Williams, Mac Woods, and Miguel Zarate-Mancilla.

Blog Writers and Assoc. Editors: Fatima Badreddine, Anthony Green, Saman Golestan, Melody Goodwin, Justin Grant, and Liban Yousuf.

2011-2012 Law Journal for Social Justice Staff

Editors in Chief: Austin Gaylord and Tim Koch

Executive Managing Editor: Eric Ruchensky

Executive Articles Editors: Lara Rhodes and Adriana Ovalle

Executive Outreach Coordinator: Ayensa Millan

Symposium Editor: Leah Schacher

Productions Editor: Keili Young

Managing Blog Editors: Jack Escobar and Mat Wadsworth

Managing Editors: Laura Clymer, Bobby Lundberg, Vivian Nava, and Ronnie Rotstein

Articles Editors: Claudia González, Patty Lepkowski, Daniel Lubarsky-Ford, Kyle Riggs, and Stephanie Skogan

Associate Editors: Shifa Al-khatib, Ismail Aliyev, Fernando Anzaldua, Fatima Badreddine, Jose Carrillo, Sally Colton, Janette Corral, Seth Draper, Lauren Fajkowski, Ruth Faulkner, Dulce González, Kevin Heade, Ben Helford, Christine Jones, Michael Malin, Molly Moffett, Adam Neville, Cruz  Ramirez, Lori Van Haren, Jill Van Marche, Mat Wadsworth, Jana Weltzin, Tara Williams, and Ashley Williams.

One comment

  1. Dear ASU Law Journal for Social Justice,
    Are you accepting manuscripts for publication in your journal?
    Ed Martin
    Public Policy and Administration
    California State University, Long Becah

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