Editorial Staff

The Law Journal for Social Justice (LJSJ) at Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law provides an enduring and meaningful forum for legal discourse, scholarship, and professional development, with special focus on local, national, and international social justice issues.

The Mission of The Law Journal for Social Justice is to publish a scholarly legal journal of the highest quality and character; identify and publish scholarly articles that enlighten legal debate and advance the understanding, proper interpretation, and application of the law; encourage the highest ethical and moral conduct among legal professionals; and promote excellence in the writing, research, analytical, and professional development of its members.



John Burnett

Managing Editor

Catherine Fu

Senior Articles Editor

Michael Gorelik

Business Manager

Danielle Ser

Symposium Chair

Katherine Montgomery

Online Media Editor

Alexis Wood

Articles Editors

Robert Buddingh, Virginia Chornenky, Ian King, Courtney McMinn, Rebecca Reiben, Andrew Wenker

Associate Editors

To be selected by the 2017 Write-On Competition.

Faculty Advisor

Professor Zachary Kramer

Mailing Address:

Law Journal for Social Justice C/O ASU College of Law

N 1st St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

E-mail Address

ljsjeic@gmail.com or LawJSocJust@gmail.com


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